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Welcome to the home page of  the 12th Oldham Scout Troop. We hope that you will be encouraged to call in and visit us and who knows? maybe join in ?

 Our Mission is to raise the profile of Scouting in the Hathershaw and Fitton Hill area and to create a strong and adventurous troop of scouts.

 2009 -2010

Last year was a fantastic year for the Scouts at St Paul’s in Hathershaw, we celebrated our 1st years anniversary early in the year and with increased interest in Scouting, expanded exponentially over the year.

The Cub Scout pack run by Kay and Nick contributed the most to our success by passing up Cubs from their group to our Scout Troop regularly all year. We owe them so much and would like to thank them for their dedication even with such a low level of parent support.

We also had a number Scouts express interest who had never been involved in Scouting previously. With such popularity starting at the beginning of March 2010 we are now running with a full Troop, unfortunately no further expansion of our Troop can be considered without additional part time volunteer Leaders. Please get in touch if you feel you have the right attributes to contribute to the smooth running of our Group, either in the Beavers, cubs or Scout Troop.

The 12th Oldham Scouts at St Paul’s has now opened a waiting list for entry into the Scout Troop. Families with children between the ages of 6yrs and 8 yrs (beavers) or 8 yrs and 10.5yrs (Cubs) need to seriously consider expressing interest in being involved in our Troop sooner rather than later. Please be aware that Beavers take precedence in obtaining a place in our Cub pack and Cubs take precedence in obtaining a place in our Scout Troop on our waiting lists.


Last years events were varied bag of activities highlights include

Three trips to the Cinema to watch “Yes man”, “Night at the Museum 2” and the blockbuster “2012”

Our five a side team romped home to second place in the County Five a side football competition ( we foolhardily lent one of our better players to the First place winners who were also from Oldham )


Camps attended during the year included

2009 Freezer camp, a balmy 4 degrees all weekend

Overnight camp, extremely wet night out so we bought pizzas in to cheer everyone up.


We took our Senior Patrol leader to the District Cub camp to help out and also attended the Scout District Summer Camp. We also attended the District Water w End for canoeing etc.


One of our most enjoyable Overnight camps was at Dog hill Camp site, a camp with minimal facilities that relies on the Scouts to provide their own entertainment, we also completed some camp service by building a permanent camp fire.


We had two trips to Lazerace in Oldham , very enjoyable evenings which we are hoping to repeat this year.

 We have had numerous wet weather BBQ’s in the vicarage garden, these have been very easy to plan. We buy the food for a BBQ and then it rains !!! always !!! without fail !!!

 Other activities have included climbing on Oldham sports centre climbing wall, model making (warhammer 40K), making meths camping cookers, kite flying on Snipe Clough, ten pin bowling, a conkers night and a tug of war night.

 The bonfire in my garden has now become a major event, so next year we may need to look for a larger venue, possibly Dog Hill camp site at Grains Bar.

 Kelly a young Girl Scout from Greece visited our group again, she came over in 2008 also and was involved in a sponsored abseil down a church tower, unfortunately her visit to her mothers family coincided with our summer camp so we only saw her on two occasions.

 All in all a roller coaster of a year, with some great times to remember. We will be aiming higher this year and will need all the support we can from our parents and St Paul’s.

 Yours in Scouting

 Phil Howarth / Warren Pavlovsky

 12th Oldham Scouts

 2008 - 2009

Since starting earlier last year we have won the Oldham District Scouts 5 a-side football contest ( with our young scouts newly promoted from our Cubs group, who incidentally won the Cubs  5 a-side football contest at the beginning of last year LOL  )

Our WInter Camp to Garstang Preston late last year dropped to  -3 degrees C at one point, luckily we had cabins not tents     . Our Freezer camp  earlier this year was a complete disaster as the weather never dipped below 4 degrees C and the sun shone brightly. We missed the snows by one week !!!!

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